tricks & spins

1.5Hours | All levels

Learn beautiful spinning combos, focusing on execution using a variety of ways to climb the pole. Kim will teach you clean transitions between moves to teach you how to uniquely combine your tricks and perfect your routine. This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to move seamlessly around the pole and floor. With heels or without.

1.5Hours | Intermediate - Advanced

flexy tricks

For polers dreaming about extended lines and flexy tricks! Learn the latest split tricks and tips, focusing on trick technique to showcase the most out of your flexibility. Learn what angles look best and discover how you can perfect those flexibility tricks while working safely with your body. You do not have to have a flat split for this workshop. Kim will teach you the best techniques to get there faster! Heels or no heels, up to you.

exotic pole choreo

1.5Hours | All levels

Impressive transitions and floor work for all the pole choreo lovers. In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine. Combining the sensuality of exotic flow with classical dance technique, be prepared to work a sweat! Knee pads and heels required.

1.5Hours | All levels

urban exotic

Dedicated to all the urban flow lovers! In this workshop you will learn a choreographed routine combining Jazz/Funk with exotic pole dance. You will love Kim's choreography. It is sexy, smooth and unique. Knee pads and heels required! Be prepared to work sweat!

1.5Hours | All levels

flexibility with Kim

The secrets to achieving your flexibility goals. Strength and flexibility training to achieve full body conditioning. Kim will show you all of the exercises she uses to get her back, shoulders and splits so bendy. This workshop is designed to teach you everything you need to know to continue your flexibility journey.